Treatment for Professionals

Mental illness affects nearly 1 in 4 of all American adults. Mental health diagnoses are the second most common cause of disability in the US, after musculoskeletal disorders. Everyone is potentially at risk, including professionals working in healthcare.

We want to help you to continue to succeed in your work. We understand that there is significant stigma and even institutional barriers to receiving mental health treatment. Regardless of your profession, we can help with your psychiatric concerns and ensure a higher level of privacy and security. As a small practice, your medical records are protected from being accessed by anyone working for a large medical center. In addition, the use of telehealth means that you can be seen when it is most convenient for you, and not have to take time away from work to travel to and from a clinic to wait for an in-person visit. Our virtual office is entirely private and there is no risk of running into colleagues or clients as we work together.

Regarding peer psychiatric services, there is a strong association between physician burnout, the emergence of mental illness, and physician suicide. Untreated mental illness among physicians can pose risks to the quality and safety of patient care, increase the risk of malpractice suits, and lead to the loss of valuable professionals from the field of medicine. Too often, external barriers prevent physicians and other healthcare professionals from getting the care they need. We all know peers who have lost their lives to suicide. We are a safe place where you can get the private treatment you deserve without fear of professional repercussions.

As always, legal limitations of confidentiality apply if there is a concern for the direct harm of self or others. The sooner you choose to seek help, the more options remain for personal choice. Please don't let fear lead to uncontrolled symptoms. We have lost too many professionals already.

September 17th is National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

  • Click the video to learn more about what the AMA and Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes' Foundation is doing to help.