Telehealth Visits

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a service that uses online, interactive, two-way audio and video conference software to provide healthcare from a distance. Telehealth is conducted over a secure platform and ensures maximum confidentiality, privacy, convenience, and safety for your psychiatric care.

What are the benefits of using Telehealth services?

· Increased confidentiality and privacy

· Decreased geographical limitations

· Increased access to subspecialized psychiatric care

· Decreased exposure to potential pathogens, including Covid 19, influenza, and common colds

· Decrease in travel time and expense

· Ability to meet virtually during inclement weather or when sick

· Decreased stress with finding time to attend appointments around work, travel, childcare, and other conflicting obligations

· Ability to participate in treatment from your own home, or another environment where you feel safe, secure, and comfortable

What are some of the potential risks of using Telehealth services?

· Technological failures such as unclear video, loss of sound, poor internet connection, or loss of internet connection.

· Possible data security risks that come with transmitting information and documents over the internet.

Am I eligible to use Telehealth services for my psychiatric care?

We are currently only able to provide Telehealth services to patients located in Nebraska where Dr. Sheehan is licensed by the state. Clients must be in the state that the provider is licensed in during the telehealth encounter. Dr. Sheehan will soon be expanding to provide telehealth services to patients in her home state of Texas, although limitations will apply to the prescription of certain medications. Telehealth may not be the most effective form of treatment for individuals. It will be up to the physician and patient to decide if Telehealth is an appropriate modality for treatment.