Meghan Sheehan, MD

Specialized Psychiatry, LLC

We are a unique practice that focuses on individualized, private, and convenient psychiatric care. As a Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist, Dr. Sheehan diagnoses and treats patients with conditions that affect both their psychiatric and medical health. Dr. Sheehan is a subspecialist in Reproductive Psychiatry and Psycho-Oncology. She also specializes in the treatment of professionals, including medical professionals. Dr. Sheehan is equally adept at treating general psychiatric issues, such as depression and anxiety. We understand that all illnesses affect our well-being as a whole.

Hi, I'm Dr. Sheehan and I welcome you to Specialized Psychiatry. Central to my practice is the creation of a space for you to feel fully accepted, and free to share your unique challenges, hopes, fears, and experiences. Through an individualized therapeutic approach, we will create a deeper understanding of you. This work will grow your sense of worth, strength, effectiveness, and connection.

As a physician with advanced fellowship training in the interactions and overlap of medical and psychiatric diagnoses, I will also help determine what medical issues may be contributing to your suffering. When needed, I utilize medications, in addition to therapy, to help you overcome your challenges so you can thrive.

Change is possible, and you are ready to step fully into your life!